Abdusalam Guseynov

Philosophy, Morality, Politics

Moscow, 2002.

The book “Philosophy, Morality, Politics” is the collection of popular works (op-eds, articles, interviews, and reports) written over five years.


From the Author

As an Introduction
            What is the human being?

On Philosophy
            About Philosophers and Professors of Philosophy
            Morality, Life and Philosophy
            On the Place of Philosophy in the System of  The Higher Education
            Special Features of the Teaching of Philosophy
            How A Philosopher Differs from A Simply Clever Person?
            About Alexander Zinoviev and his Sociology

On Morality and Ethics
            There are no Common Moral Ideas in the World Nowadays
            Morality and Civilization
            The Marxist Tradition in Ethics
            In What Sense Can We Speak about the Crisis of Education?

On Morals
            Television and The Social Morality
            The Ethos of The Global World
            While we are still flying…
            What is happening with Morality in  Modern Russia?
            A Lot of Morality – A Little of Mind

On Violence and Nonviolence
            What is Violence?
            Capital Punishment: Pro and Contra
            What is Non-Violence?
            The Teaching of Non-Violence of Leo Tolstoy

On Politics
            Democracy – more than liberalism
            On the white and red movement
            “…Or there was in my heart”
            The Caucasian Element
            What do we speak about when we speak about the Civil Society?
As a Conclusion
            The Terrorist Attacks on the 11.09. and the Ideal of Non-Violence

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