Abdusalam Guseynov

The Golden Rule of Morality

Moscow, 1988. 3 editions (1979, 1982,1988). In Russian.
Published in Bulgarian, Slovak, Spanish, German.



Invitation to the Dispute

Morality: Social Foundations

A Person for the Morality or Morality for the Person?
Biological Foundations of Morality: pro and contra
Ethics and Ecology

Morality: Human Horizons

The first lecture. The Golden Rule of Morality. The Description of the Phenomenon
The second lecture.  The Golden Rule, Equality, Humanism
The third lecture. Philanthropy: Love for one’s Neighbors or Self-deception of the Guilty Conscience?

The Unity of the Ideological Commitment and Kindness

The Humanism of the Socialist Morality
Good and Evil on the New Level
Pro-active attitude

The New Thinking and Ethics

On the Temporal and the Eternal
Morality and Necessity
We’ll not Survive without the New Ethics
What is the Harm of Moralizing