Abdusalam Guseynov

Ancient Ethics

Moscow, 2011. 2 editions (2003, 2011).

The book “Ancient Ethics” is the first systematic study of the ancient ethics in Russia. Its completeness, comprehensiveness of the investigation of the ethical teachings are in accord with the original interpretation of them as different answers to the same question how to combine virtue with happiness. The heroic longing to immortality is shown to be the inspiring foundation of the ancient philosophizing.



From the Author

Chapter 1. The Moral Canon of Antiquity: Homer, Hesiod, Seven Sages

1.1 Homer
1.2 Hesiod
1.3 Seven Sages

Chapter 2. Ethics in Early Greek Philosophy

2.1 Anaximander
2.2 Heraclitus
2.3 Pythagoras and The Pythagoreans
2.4 Parmenides
2.5 Empedocles

Chapter 3. Democritus

Chapter 4. The Sophists, Socrates and his Disciples

4.1 The Sophists
4.2 Socrates
4.3 The Socrates’ Disciples

Chapter 5. Plato and Aristotle

5.1 Plato
5.2 Aristotle

Chapter 6. The Ethical Teachings of the Hellenistic Period

6.1 Epicurus
6.2 Stoicism
6.3 Scepticism

Chapter 7. The End of the Ancient Ethics: Plotinus


Philosophy and Ethics: The Lessons of Antiquity
The Ethical Works and The Ethical System of Aristotle

The Glossary
The Index of Names